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Build a real smart house.



2005-2007 at the Mobile and Pervasive Computing at the University of Florida.


Coming soon.



Coming soon.



 Refereed Conference Articles

    •  B. Abdulrazak and A. Helal, “Smart House in a box: A framework to build assistive environments for people with special needs,” in the International International Conference on the Role of People with Special Needs in Building the Information Society “Access to Information”, Kuwait. 1~3 May  2006.
    •  B. Abdulrazak, A. Helal, “Enabling a Plug-and-play integration of smart environments” Proceedings of the second International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies: From Theory to Application (IEEE-ICTTA). Damascus, Syria. April, 2006.
    • H. Elzabadani, A. Helal, B. Abdulrazak, E. Jansen, “Self-Sensing Spaces: Smart Plugs For Smart Environments .” In “From Smart Homes to Smart Care.” Ed. S. Giroux & H. Pigot, IOS Press, pp.91-98. Proceedings of the third International Conference On Smart homes and health Telematics (ICOST), Canada, July 2005.
    •  E. Jansen, B. Abdulrazak, H. Yang, J. King and A. Helal, “A Programming Model for Pervasive Spaces,” Submitted, 2005 (available from

 Workshops, Communications et Posters

    • B. Abdulrazak et al., “Gator-Tech Smart House Research and Development” Proceedings of the second International Conference on Aging, Disability and Independence (ICADI). St. Petersburg, Floride, USA. February 2006.


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