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IoT, Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing

  • City4Age:  Elderly-friendly city services for active and healthy ageing
  • Tyche : An autonomic service oriented middleware for smart space
  • UnOvi : Universal Ontology for Smart Environments
  • Programming Models
  • GTSH: Gator Tech Smart House
  • Smart Home for People with Disabilities

Human-Machine interaction

  • PhonAge: Adapted SmartPhone for Aging people
  • Sintir: 3D Sound Effects for a User Interface of total immersion
  • HMI-HandiM : Human-Machine interaction, people with motor disabilities case
  • Computer Accessibility
  • Evaluation methods for Assistive Technology

Embedded system for IoT and Pervasive Computing

  • NodeUS: Nœud pour un réseau de capteur pour des espaces intelligents à l’UdeS
  • InnUS: Cuisinière Intelligente pour les personnes àgées