Postdoctoral Fellows

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Ibrahim Sadek

Contactless vital signs monitoring

September 2019 – Present

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Gabriel Astudillo

Smart Environment

September 2010

Rami Yared 


2014-03-01  ~ 2017-04-30

Now: Professor at Bishops University

Farah Arab 

Un modèle de gestion des ressources pour l’assistance des personnes âgées en ville.

Spring 2013 – Fall 2013

Now: Research Engineer at Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (France)

Hongbo Ni 

Activity Detection in Smart Environment

Fall 2009 – Summer 2010

Now: Associate Professor at NW Polytechnical University (China)

Kadouche, Rachid 

Personalization in Smart Environment for People with Special Needs

Fall 2007 – Summer 2010

Now: Senior Lecturer at the UdeS.