PhD Students

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PhD. Students

Edouard Niyongabo

Winter 2023 – Present

Innocent Tujyinama

Summer 2022 – Present

Tudor Antohi

Winter 2022 – Present

Hassan Mostafa 

Winter 2021 – Present

Sahar Tahir

PhD: MOBILAÎNÉS: Co-creation by and for seniors of a transit system adapted to their needs and preferences

Fall 2020 – Present

* * * * * Graduated PhD. Students * * * * *

PhD. Students

Victor Ponce 

PhD: A Service-Oriented Framework for Open Smart Environment End-User Engineering

Patrice Roy

PhD: Context-Awareness for Open Smart Environments

Firas Kaddachi 

Technological Approach for Behavior Change Detection toward Better Adaptation of Services to Elderly People in Smart Cities

Université de Montpellier (France)

Supervisors: Hamdi AloulouPhilippe FraisseMounir Mokhtari, Bessam Abdulrazak

Hector Daniel Szabo

3D Sound Effects for a User Interface of total immersion

Supervisors: Bessam Abdulrazak and Philippe Mabilleau

Spring 2008 – Fall 2017

Yasir Malik 

Evaluation Framework for Smart Environments.

Fall 2009 – Fall 2013

Now: Post-Doc at the University of Alberta

Charles Gouin-Vallerand 

Dynamic Contextual Assistance for Ambient Intelligent Environments

Supervisors: Bessam Abdulrazak and Sylvain Giroux

Spring 2008 – Summer 2011

Now: Assistant Professor at TÉLUQ – University(Canada)

PhD Internships


Shahram Nourizadeh 

Intergiciel pour une QoS sensibilité au contexte pour la santé

PhD at the Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine – LORIA)
(Supervisor Pr. Ye-Quiong Song).

PhD Internship – Spring 2011

Yazid Benazzouz

Automatic Learning of Contextual Adaptation of Services.

PhD at the École des Mines de Saint-Étienne, France.

(Supervisor Pr. Olivier Boissier).

Supervisors: Bessam Abdulrazak and Sylvain Giroux.

Fall 2009 – Summer 2009